My Projects

Here are some side projects I have worked on.

Erlang Projects

WoW Emulator

Wow Emulator written in Erlang that is based on the MaNGOS emulator. Click the link for a technical description

Erlang Algoritms

Some common algorithms written in Erlang. Dijkstra, kd-tree, etc

Godel, Escher, Bach Typographic System

Implementation of the typogenetics system described in Godel, Escher, Bach. Click for further details.

Source Query Server

Erlang application to query Valve Source servers

Old Node Projects

Multiplayer network socket server running on Node.js

This node application, written in CoffeeScript, manages instances, which can have clients connect to them. The instances fan out commands that come in from one client to the other clients.

PubSub library to handle inter-node communications

This is a system for subscribing and publishing events on persistent objects across multiple node server instances. Click to read more.

JavaScript Projects

Ludum Dare Game

JS based game written in 48 hours. Ranked in the top 16 percentile for innovation.

Digging Demo

Wrote a digging demo based on Dwarf Fortress


SICP Exercises

Selected answers for SICP exercises